iSmartSafe Alarm Panel

iSmartSafe Alarm Panel

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iSmartSafe alarm panel is the ‘brain’ of home security system. It supports both WiFi and Cellular connection, which means you get double protection for your home. When power outage, the systems automatically switch from WiFi to Cellular protection. So you are always protected. It also supports monitoring and two-way voice inter-communication functions. When alarm is triggered, you will get text message and phone call alerts (up to 6 phone numbers).


·         “Brain” of the iSmartSafe home security system
·         Support both WiFi and Cellular connection, double protection
·         Text message & Phone call alert when alarm is triggered (up to 6 phone numbers)
·         When power outage, automatically switch from WiFi to Cellular protection
·         Backup Battery up to 2 days during a power outage and recharge itself when power is back
·         User can define zone names for each sensor location (for example: Front Door, back door)
·         When alarm is triggered, text message will show the detail location of zone/sensor name
·         Support Monitoring and two-way voice inter-communication function
·         Information push promptly when power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage
·         Arm/alarm delay for each defense zone, timed arm/disarm function
·         100 sensor and zone capacity
·         Can be used as a hand-free phone
·         OLED display with touch keypad
·         Built-in Siren
·         Can work with iSmartSafe indoor and outdoor cameras
·         Home Automation connection and control