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Smart Home Security Burglar Alarm Systems

Best DIY home security systems from iSmartSafe, self-controlled and self-monitored wireless home security systems with no monthly fees and no contracts required.  The systems have WiFi and Cellular double connection with higher reliability. Free Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. The systems can be easily expanded and customized.                   

Wireless & WiFi & Cellular Connection

The entire idea of the wireless technology is to avoid the complicated wire installation and utilize wireless communication between alarm panel and sensors. The combination of WiFi & Cellular connection is the most advanced and reliable technology to avoid power outage and phone line cut. Our home security system will first choose to use FREE wifi to notify the owner when alarm is triggered. In case power outage, phone line cut or losing internet connection, our system will automatically switch to use Cellular connection to inform the owner.

Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Camera

Align with alarm security system, Indoor & Outdoor wireless cameras are also provided. All the cameras have the alarm push function, which enable the cameras to send snapshot and alarm notification to the owner when the alarm is triggered or motion is detected. Our alarm system and cameras are integrated, both can work with the same sensors. Our cameras are remote access, plug and play, motion detect, night vision and so on.  The  video can be stored in local SD card or my cloud.

Self-Monitor                        & Support

Free APP will be offered to do self monitor. Remote Arm and Disarm, remote video surveillance are available through free APP. There is no annual contracts, no middlemen, no landline needed. In case something goes wrong, you’re free to contact our support team.

iSmartSafe Features at a Glance

Wireless Sensors and Extreme Range

The systems are totally wireless and can support up to 100 sensors. The sensors have around 300-400ft range and protect homes of any size. Systems are customizable to fit your needs

Cellular Connection

No phoneline Needed. Independent cellular connection that can’t be cut by intruders. The systems has powerful Lithium batteries so you stay secure when the power outage.

Mobile Control

Free App! You’ll have access to advanced system control from anywhere in the world! Use your smartphone or laptop to easily arm or disarm your system, monitor your home and make adjustments to your security alarm settings

No Annual Contracts

There is no annual contracts, monthly fee, hidden free, or middlemen

SMS Text & Email Alerts

With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens. Instant alerts bring you real-time knowledge of arm/disarm notifications, alarm trigger alerts, power outage notifications… and more!

Portable -Take it with you when you move

Pack up your iSmartSafe and re-install it at your next home. And It grows with you, you can always add more sensors anytime

Visual Monitor

With iSmartSafe Indoor and Outdoor Camera, you can monitor and record the video on your house at anytime and anywhere. iSmartSafe Cameras have built-in motion detector and horn, So when motion detector is triggered, iSmartSafe camera will send the snapshot to your email and sound alarms.

Free and Easy to Install

Wireless & installs in minutes. With iSmartSafe there are NO expensive set-up fee, NO complicated wiring, and NO strangers drilling holes in your walls!

2-Way Communication

With iSmartSafe home security system, you can listen and speak with your family remotely.


Pet Friendly

iSmartSafe uses more precise motion sensors to ensure your pets won’t trigger your alarms.


Double Protection

Cellular connection + WiFi connection. Double protection for your house. Never worry about losing WiFi signal, electrical power, or phoneline. You are always protected!

Power Outage Protection

iSmartSafe uses powerful lithium batteries that last 5 years so you stay secure when the electricity fails.

iSmartSafe Best Home Security Systems Overview

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Do you wonder why iSmartSafe home security systems are the best home security systems? Look at on actual reviews below:
Jennifer Vossen
I am glad that I chose ismartsafe home security system. I love their double protection from WiFi and Cellular, so never worry about losing Power or WiFi. the price is also affordable!
Jourdan Sain
No contract, no annual fee, self-monitor, video surveillance, remote access, free APP and so on. That is exactly what I want!
Easy installation! text and email and phone call alerts when alarm is triggered! So far I have found no problems with any of it! The customer service is fantastic!

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